Self Insured Services

CSI can administer your current program or assist in transitioning to self insurance.

Compensation Solutions Inc., partners with self-insured employers providing the experience and means to administer a successful Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Program in Ohio.  Our approach to claims management and cost control will yield results that impact your bottom-line.

Considering if Self Insurance is an option for your business?

Compensation Solutions Inc. can provide your business with a detailed study, at no charge, to determine if a Self Insurance program is right for your business - Contact Us

Qualifications to become a self-insuring employer.

In order to receive the privilege of self-insurance you must meet several requirements including:

  • Have a minimum of 500 employees in Ohio;
  • Have two years experience with the state insurance fund;
  • Operate a BWC-certified Qualified Health Plan (QHP) or Medical Management Plan;
  • Demonstrate strong financial stability;
  • Have the ability to administer workers’ compensation insurance;
  • Maintain an account with a financial institution in Ohio or draw compensation checks from the same account as the payroll checks.

To become a self-insuring employer, complete an application and submit it to BWC. The application must include:

  • All financial records, documents and data necessary to provide a full financial disclosure (as audited by a certified public accountant);
  • Balance sheet and a profit and loss statement for the current year and the previous four years;
  • Organizational plan for claims processing;
  • Proposed plan to inform employees of the change from state fund to self insured including procedures employees must follow when filing for compensation and benefits.

The Self-Insured Review Panel hears requests for self-insurance.  If approved, CSI will administer all aspects of your program in conjunction with your business.