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CSI focuses on developing customized risk management strategies using personalized service and experience in the industry.

Compensation Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a full service third party administrator specializing in Ohio Workers’ Compensation administration. CSI provides proven risk management and cost containment strategies to minimize future premium liability in the state of Ohio. CSI provides all employers in any industry the tools required to have a successful workers’ compensation program.

One claim can drastically increase your workers’ compensation costs and even cause your company to lose significant discounts. We understand the effects that claims can have on your business. We use proven strategies to aggressively manage claims in orderto minimize their future impacts.

Why Compensation Solutions?

CSI is a “one-stop-shop” for all the aspects needed to lower your workers’ compensation premiums. Partnership with you means goal setting, administration, achievement, and most of all, SUCCESS. In order to control your company’s workers’ compensation costs, we offer years of experience and personal service that will benefit the administration of your workers’ compensation program. We also provide the following services to ensure a successful workers’ compensation program:

  • Aggressive Claims Administration
  • Professional Hearing Representation
  • Expert Advice and Analysis on Appeals, Awards, and Litigation
  • Explore Claims Cost Recovery
  • Group-Experience-Rating saving up to 53%
  • Assistance and Development of other Premium Reducing Programs
  • Alternative Rating Analysis
  • Payroll Report Auditing
  • Risk and Loss Prevention Education

We at CSI take pride in not just the level of service we provide our clients, but the personal attention each client receives. Our ratio of clients per claims representative is unbeatable, which leaves no one feeling less than our #1 client.