Group Rating

Published Saturday, April 25, 2015

Workers' compensation premiums can be one of the most expensive costs of doing business for employers in Ohio. In most cases, joining a group rating program is the only way for an employer to significantly lower their workers’ compensation premiums.

Compensation Solutions Inc. (CSI) specializes in reducing costs and evaluating companies of all industries with the purpose of group rating plans.  We are able to offer countless employers the ability to secure the state maximum discount of up to 53% off of their premium rates.

CSI offers a wide range of group plans, tiered to meet most every employers' rating history. Keep in mind that Ohio group discounts change every year, so please take just a moment to complete the online temporary authorization form (AC-3). CSI will research your claims and premium information to determine your eligibility. Once we have analyzed your information, our group rating department will quickly provide your company with a detailed estimate of the savings that could be realized through one of our group plans.

Come explore this absolutely no cost analysis that will not only significantly reduce your workers' compensation premiums, but in addition, you will also have access to our professional staff to assist in all your workers' compensation matters.  We have no doubt you will be satisfied with our solutions and approach to managing your workers' compensation program. We thank you in advance for this opportunity.


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