MCO Open Enrollment

We wanted to alert you to an important decision for your business that can only be made this month, and not again until May 2020.

Published Wednesday, May 2, 2018

As we are entering another MCO Open Enrollment season, one that bombards you with junk mail, annoying phone calls and emails.  Although this can be bothersome, many employers do not understand that choosing an MCO is a critical piece of your workers’ compensation program.   In most cases the MCO is the first party contacted when a new claim occurs and they have real-time access to know what medical treatment is being requested and approved.


Compensation Solutions Inc, long time Chamber Partner,  explains that those who manage your BWC claims rely heavily on the MCO's communication in order to be informed on the medical status of an injured worker, follow-up visits, new conditions being requested in the claim and just kept in the loop on any activity that can impact our clients.  This is not always the experience with all MCOs.  This is why we are recommending that you consider choosing Health Management Solutions Inc. (HMS) during this open enrollment period. 


Please complete the online enrollment form before May 25th by clicking select below:



Click the HMS Logo to Choose:




Remember that choosing an MCO is strictly your choice and there is no cost associated with your MCO selection. 


Choosing an MCO is an important decision that only comes along once every two years.  Take a few minutes to look over your options and if you have questions or would like to discuss with a representative of CSI please contact our office at 614-799-8439.