Group-Retrospective Rating

Group-retrospective rating is a voluntary performance based incentive/rebate program adopted by the State of Ohio in 2009. This program allows employers of like industries to group together in an effort to receive premium refunds. 

Employers continue to pay their own individual experience- or base-rated premiums and have the opportunity to receive retrospective premium adjustments based upon the combined performance of the group.  Depending on that performance, the participating employers can receive either a premium refund adjustment or assessment.

The BWC will recalculate the group-retrospective premium 12 months after the end of the first policy year and then again 24 and 36 months later to issue refunds or assessments.  This plan provides incentives to the group retro members who practice effective workplace safety and claims management in order to control and reduce losses. 

In an effort to provide our Clients with the greatest return, we thoroughly evaluate each prospective employer to determine eligibility in our program.  Our goal is to ensure that our refunds are some of the highest in the industry. 

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