Rebate Programs

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Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP)

This Program offers a premium rebate to eligible employers for implementing a loss-prevention strategy addressing workplace use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, especially illegal drugs

Basic level – Employers participating at the DFSP Basic level are eligible for a 4% premium rebate as long as they satisfy all Basic level requirements. See DFSP requirements

Advanced level – Employers participating at the DFSP Advanced level are eligible for a 7% premium rebate as long as they satisfy all basic program requirements plus 15% random testing


Safety Council Rebate Program

Across the state there are 82 safety councils to enroll through to receive this rebate.  Attend 10 safety council meetings or events between July 1 and June 30th each year, submit semiannual report and attend CEO meeting to receive up to a 4% rebate

2% Participation Rebate - All employers who meet rebate eligibility requirements can earn this rebate except Group Rated employers

2% Performance Rebate - All employers who reduce either frequency or severity by 10% or have zero claims except Group Retrospective employers


Industry-Specific Safety Program(ISSP)

The BWC developed the Industry-Specific Safety Program to encourage Ohio's employers to use the many safety services and programs available through the Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH).  To receive the 3% rebate employers commit to completing up to 3 loss prevention activities during their program year.  These activities include:

  1. Industry-specific safety classes offered by DSH
  2. On-site safety consulting by DSH experts
  3. Attendance at the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo


Transitional Work Bonus (TWB)

Employers with an approved transitional work plan may receive a back-end bonus for using the plan to return injured workers back to work. The potential incentive is up to a 10% bonus for using an established transitional work program; applicable to claims with dates of injury within that bonus year of program participation.